Intercourse tasks and danger – intimate wellness information

Intercourse tasks and danger – intimate wellness information

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Learn about the potential risks of having a intimately transmitted disease (sti) from various intimate tasks.

In just about any full case, condoms can help protect you from this danger. Find out about the potential risks related to different activities that are sexual.

Vaginal penetrative sex

This will be whenever a guy’s penis gets in a lady’s vagina.

In cases where a condom is not utilized, there is a chance of maternity and passing or getting on STIs, including:

Infections is handed down regardless if the penis does not completely go into the vagina or even the guy does not ejaculate (come). It is because infections could be contained in pre-ejaculate fluid (pre-come).

Even insertion that is shallow of penis to the vagina (often called dipping) holds dangers both for partners. Utilizing a condom will help force away infections.

Preventing pregnancy

There are numerous ways of contraception to avoid maternity, like the contraceptive area, contraceptive implant and combined capsule. (més…)